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Welcome to Pure Strength Fitness

Your source for Physical Training and Lifestyle Coaching

One-On-One Training

Pure Strength Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in the West Glenora area. We provide lifestyle coaching that will help clients improve their body, mind and spirit. We offer a wide range of training options that will fit your schedule, rates that will match your budget, and a training style tailored to your individual needs.

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Boutique Bootcamp

Jump-start your fitness program! Designed for a group of four to six, these small group fitness sessions will help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or tired of the same routine, this group approach to exercise is sure to keep you motivated.

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Bridal Fitness

We specialize in lifestyle coaching for Brides who want to make changes in their life to help them look and feel great for their wedding. Packages are available for Brides, Bride and Groom and the Bridal party.

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Tips to support good health

1.  Start your day with a good breakfast – pick out a good fat, a protein and a complex carb. 2.  Eat until you are 80% full. 3.  Chew your food until it is liquid. 4.  Spice up your food with herbs and spices. 5.  If you can’t read or pronounce the ingredients on a food label don’t buy it.  It is probably a chemical that you do not need to put in your body. 6.  Cut out sugar – use small amounts of sugar alternatives such as stevia, maple syrup, raw honey and natural fruits. 7.  Water, Water, Water, Water, Water!